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Biggie's Pizza
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Biggie’s Pizza offers a range of 25 mouthwatering pizzas from a minimum 12 inch to a large 20 inch, as well as sides from its website

“We make everything fresh daily on site. We use local suppliers. We use fresh ingredients. We are not too stingy on the toppings. It’s chock-a-block. I’m called Biggie for a reason,” owner Ian Lindsay says with a grin.

So, how do pizzas stay warm when Mosgiel is a 15km drive from Dunedin?

“We don’t let it sit here for 20 minutes and wait on a driver. We have three of our own drivers. We have got our own vehicles. I import bags from the UK that have been tried, true and tested and they hold the heat really well …. they don’t sweat the product, so it is not overcooked.”

Biggie’s offers flexibility on the new Mosgiel delivery service with a dedicated driver for longer haul trips.

“If people want to spend less we can put on a $15 delivery fee. We go as far as East Taieri down Riccarton Road. We don’t go quite as far as Outram. However, if someone from Outram really wanted our pizza and were willing to meet us in Mosgiel, no problem, we’ll do it.”